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Aaron Troska

React/Redux/Hooks/Testing Suite - Backend

My passion for coding started in college where I would watch my roommate dissect his code like a virtual biologist and put it all back together. It wasn’t until after graduation that I realized the seed planted by my roommate was beginning to sprout. So I started to teach myself and eventually found Lambda, which has been the fertilizer to help this passion grow from the seedling planted by my roommate, to the blossoming tree that it is today.

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Zaur Guliyev

Backend: Register, Login, Forgot Password functionality, Routes, Database/ Heroku/ React: Forgot Password functionality

I am working full time as a Web Developer for a local company, based in Houston, TX. Prior that use to work as a digital marketer for 2 years, doing search engine optimization, Facebook and Google Ads mainly for startups. And as a part of my job was doing web development, this is where fell in love with the code and here I am!

I have a BS degree in Engineering, specifically in the automation of producing processes.

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Jamison Blackwell

Testing Suite - Backend

I decided to learn to code after a talk with an experienced developer. He told me of the opportunities available in this field and that night I started learning the basics of HTML. While I first started this path for the monetary opportunities, I soon found that I truly enjoyed coding. I continued self-learning in CSS and Javascript and I eventually decided I wanted a boost in my studies so I signed up for Lambda. This has turned out to be an excellent decision.

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Isaac Middleton

React/Redux/Hooks/Testing Suite - Backend

On the frontend, I did the login/signup page. We used hooks which were new to me but very useful! On the backend, I did testing for the coach-helpers-router and also the register. This was my first time using PostgreSQL and it was good to learn!

I am 22 years old and have lived in Michigan my whole life. My passion is singing/music and I hope to start creating my own music for all to hear! Here at Lambda, my life has changed for the better and I am truly excited for my future as a Full-Stack Web Developer!

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Travis Little

API Server programming / Database design
w/ NodeJS / Postgres / Knex /
React - Edit coach profile page -Frontend

I was born and currently live in Denver, Colorado. A Salesforce Administrator by day, and Lambda student by night, I’m almost always solving some kind of problem. Before Lambda, I was a hobbyist programmer and rarely built anything very useful. Now I know how to put the pieces together to make something fully functional and valuable. To clear my mind, I get outside in the sun, either for a hike, or play some disc golf with friends.

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Melvin Peepers


I’m currently a support engineer at a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. I provide support for in on-boarding customers, billing questions, how to use features, setting up VoIP devices, troubleshooting issues with devices, and account fraud. I also write post for the Callcentric Blog. I enjoy working with customers. Listening to their problems and finding solutions to those problems. I have ten years experience at providing technical support with a small team. I also have experience working remote.